We are unapologetically passionate about what we do and believe every project has the ability to be exceptional. Our design studio encourages collaboration, creativity and innovation so that we can explore the limits of what is possible and what is ultimately in the best interest of our clients.


Every project is a journey of discovery that begins without preconceptions. The very first step is a process of client engagement to understand their specific needs, wants, and aspirations. We carefully examine location to determine constraints and opportunities. We explore precedents to find what may be applicable. We discuss sustainability goals. We build a set of requirements that will inform the design process.


You never know where the best ideas will come from. We engage in a collaborative dialogue both within our team and with our client, consultants, and stakeholders so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the process. Collaboration creates community among the team which creates a collective sense of contribution, pride and achievement. We are a diverse group of individuals driven by a shared purpose: to maximize the positive impact of our projects. We achieve this by learning from each other, challenging ourselves, and always pushing to find the best possible solution.

Sustainability & Project Performance

Lydon Lynch prides itself on achieving economical solutions that yield long-term energy savings, reduced operating costs, minimized carbon foot-prints and incorporate flexible resiliency. Our team has been trained in Passive House, LEED, and Rick Hansen Accessible Design standards. We are attentive to plan flexibility, material durability, envelope integrity, and reduced maintenance; all issues that affect the true cost of building.

People & Place

Rather than reflecting a signature style, the design of our projects reflects the particulars of the social, economic, environmental, and cultural context of its location and community. It must reflect the needs of our clients and anticipate how it can provide meaningful experiences to those who will occupy, visit and view the building. We believe that a successful design needs to contribute to the evolution and story of its place as well as the occasion of how it is used. The result is always unique.


We pride ourselves in turning an idea into reality. For us, this means never losing the essence of an idea and applying it consistently to every level of detail. With every solution, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations with creativity, elegance and economy. We believe in a responsibility to create solutions that contribute to their surroundings, minimize their impact on our environment and inspire those who come to work, live, learn, play or visit.