St. Pats Crossing

Four dynamic flowing towers surround a courtyard on a major block in downtown Halifax, mediating between an active commercial frontage and adjacent residential areas.  At the southern ground level along Quinpool and Windsor Streets. retail spaces and street level patios support a vibrant pedestrian environment.  On the northern edge, two multi-residential buildings are sited to form a central park amenity that is fully connected to the Halifax bike network for ease of access to sustainable active transportation options.

This development creates a strong, recognizable, and cohesive design signature across the four buildings, each of which exhibits its own distinct variation reflecting its program and proximity.  The undulating shape of the western towers transform throughout the day in response to lighting conditions, creating various wave forms evocative of its oceanic-centred city site.  The multi-tiered eastern towers transition from commercial to residential profiles at ground level, with decks and private green roof amenities above street level.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
800,000 square feet
Project Completion
est. 2027
Project Delivery
Construction Management
Design Start
9, 11, 29, & 29 storeys