Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre

The design of the building will honour the Mi’kmawey people from the past, present and future, serving as a safe and inclusive place with the intention to support visitors’ re-connections to the natural environment and the place of Mi’kmaw ancestors. Design inspiration for the form, character and use of materials is based on research and input gathered through the design meetings and engagement with the Elders Advisory Council.

The shape of the building is inspired by the double-curve motif with its gently curved eastern facade and bermed western facade with two large sloping concrete walls welcoming visitors like traditional fishing weirs and eeling baskets. A clerestory glazing surrounds the top of the gathering space, to allow natural lighting into the space throughout the day, complete with blinds for occasions that require a dark space. This project is being designed in association with Formline Architecture.

Debert, Nova Scotia
39,000 square feet
Project Completion
est. 2025
Project Delivery
General Contractor
Net Zero
Project Start