Joseph Howe Drive

A 325 residential unit design reflecting the substantial movement and mobility that varies across the front of this site on Joseph Howe Drive.  The combination of historical rail, Chain of Lakes Trail walking, cycling and major traffic corridor create a place of vibrant motion and activity.  This movement is captured by randomized recesses and protrusions that engage and interact with the street, creating a strong community streetscape and urban presence.

At the ground level, retail spaces and a street level patio space support an active, vibrant pedestrian environment.  Residential units float above with randomized protruding balconies and bedrooms that cantilever out from the five storey glass box.  The alternating cantilevers of the hovering balconies create a sheltered, yet dynamic condition for the sidewalk below.  The resulting streetwall is an animated façade designed to support and elevate the pedestrian experience along the Chain of Lakes Trail and Joseph Howe Drive. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia
384,000 square feet
Project Completion
est. 2024
Project Delivery
Construction Management
Design Start
12 storeys
Number of Units